CODE It is an low-cost programming platform designed, from the ground-up for educators. The board a little larger than a standard credit card, which allows it be easily embeddable into projects. The holes are compatible with LEGO bricks for additional project option. The board is comprised of programmable inputs (sensors), outputs (lights, buzzer, motors) as well as connectors (ports). The on-board components eliminate the need for educators to manually connect or source the inputs and outputs.

Another feature of the Code it board is its USB port. Unlike other programming kits, no additional wires are required to upload code to the board making the management of the kit easier. The USB is also used for charging eliminating the need for a wire for power.

Code it-01.png

CODE It is built upon the same microprocessor as the Arduino, the ATMEGA 328. This microcontroller can be programmed using a wide variety of Arduino programming tools ranging from the basic Arduino sketch interface to visual programming environments such as mBlock or ArduBlock that follow the familiar Scratch interface. Both of these interfaces are open-source and already being used by classrooms, after-school
programs and summer camps.

We plan to launch CODE it by Summer 2018.

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