Electricity and circuit projects start with simple circuits and gradually address concepts such as conductivity, insulation, and resistance. Students learn the basics of circuit design which include an LED and battery.

Electricity & Circuits-01-01.png

A circuit is a closed path through which electricity flows. The simplest circuit we can work with is a battery connected to a light.  The light turns on when electricity flows from the battery, through the light and back to the battery.

Our components make it easier for students to explore concepts and embed circuits into creative projects. 

Battery and LED-02.png

The battery will power your circuit. It stores electricity that makes your circuit light up. The battery pack has a positive side marked in red and a negative side marked in white. The on/off switch can help you control when your circuit is powered on.


Project Packs: 

Battery and LED-03.png

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and they turn electricity into light. These components allow you to light up your projects. They have a positive (red) and negative (white) side.


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