new to Shake IT?

Begin by Reviewing the Getting Started with Shake it guide  

Shake It mini - Robot, Sumo and Lucha Libre


Turkey Racer

Use the Shake It kit to make a turkey and figure out how to race it by modifying the legs.



Pop off the circuits from the Shake it kit to make your own vibrating critter. We used pipe cleaners, a cork, sewing pins and a little hot glue to attach the circuits. 

Move the pins around so you can experiment with the critter's movement. See if you can make it break dance? 

mini maker car

Add headlights to your Mini Maker Car or any other toy! Use 2 LEDs, a momentary switch and a battery pack from the Light It kit. A little hot glue will help the components stay in place as you play. 

Watch the video to see how you can complete this project.




Students new to circuits can create projects using the board itself. The holes at each corner can be used to place straws, markers or any other rigid material. 

Experiment with mechanical logic by tinkering with the legs or weight. See if you can make your robot move forward, backward or spin around. 

Cowboy and campfire

Mix and match circuits from Light It and Shake It kits! Use a LEGO brick as a breadboard. Place strips of copper tape down the middle and snap on a vibrating motor, LED and battery pack along with your favorite LEGO characters. 


DIY Snow plow