As of January 2019, all bit:boosters come with 5 “how to” cards. If you purchased your bit:booster before that date you can download the set here or email us at and we’ll send you a set.

The bit:booster was designed to unleash creativity with the ability to support unlimited project ideas… so where to start? Why not start with the same code we used to test the board when developing it?

It comes pre-loaded with any bit:booster with micro:bit and it can also be found here on makecode.

When you turn on the board, it runs through a test of sound, NeoPixels, LED array, Servos and DC motors.

After it runs through the test, you can then:

Press the A button to execute a short maneuver using the H-Bridge connected motors

Press the A&B buttons together to enter into the acceleration display mode where the NEO colors are flashed based on the X, Y, and Z acceleration data. In addition the two servos will slew to positions mapped off of the acceleration data from X and Y planes. Press B button by itself to exit this mode.