Not sure where to start?  here's a quick teaser video with some ideas...

Step by STep Instructions

The above video provides step by step instructions on how to build your sock puppet using conductive thread, two LEDs, a Battery pack and a Tilt Switch.  This puppet's eyes light up when you tilt the nose downwards.

How does the tilt switch work?

The tilt switch is simply a ball bearing between two metal plates.  When it is resting flat, the ball bearing is resting in the indentation of one plate and cannot touch the other.  When it is tilted up or down, the ball bearing touches both plates, closing the electrical connection.  

Circuit Overview

Remember, the circuit is made up of three wires as shown in the image above.  The first wire connects the positive terminals of the battery to the positive side of the LEDs.  The second wire connects the negative terminals of the LEDs to the tilt switch and the third wire connects the tilt switch to the battery.  

The resulting circuit has both LEDs in parallel, as in the Light It board, but note that the tilt switch controls both lights in this diagram whereas on the Light It board it only controls one LED.  Explore how changing the location of the tilt switch can affect the function of your sock puppet!