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Simple circuits: hands-on activity to explore electronics

Learn by doing! Students explore electricity by making their own paper clip circuits. In this activity, students gain familiarity with conductivity, resistance the flow of electricity and how to make simple circuits! Each kit contains enough materials for about 12 students: 

  • 20 LEDs
  • 12 Battery Holders w/Battery
  • 10 Tilt Switches 
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Circuit Crafts

.Learn about simple circuits, conductivity and resistance while making open-ended circuit crafts. Projects can be made with LEGO, paper or pipe cleaners. 

This curriculum goes along with our Circuit Craft Pack which includes:
20 battery packs
20 white LEDs
10 color changing LEDs
Plus extra batteries, copper tape, conductive thread and conductive ink

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Paper circuits are a great introduction to electronics! Make a light up Halloween card with a LED and battery pack. 

Curriculum includes a pumpkin template or print out your own Halloween designs.  

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engineering design Process: How to build a robot

Students use the engineering design process to build their own Turkey Racers. 

This project covers specific engineering concepts including:
friction, transfer of energy, the relationship between force and mass, and centripetal force (from the eccentric rotating mass motor).


Electricity and conductivity lab - part 1

Conduct science experiments in your classroom using your own conductivity probe. Students develop hypothesis and then collect and analyze data. Curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. 

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electricity and conductivity lab - part 1 & 2

This lab includes a series of science experiments that build on the students knowledge of conductivity.  Students gather data in each module and analyze their results, changing their hypothesis along the way.