Explore the foundations of electrical engineering through useful circuits that bring projects alive

Very useful circuits are a unlike any solder kit you've seen before.

they allow for for the hands-on exploration of foundational engineering concepts in an open ended building platform.

The building starts Once the board is soldered: now you can easily embed the circuit into your creations to bring them to life.

VUC - TouchPad Circuit Diagram.jpg


Explore the function of a transistor through this simple circuit that amplifies the signal through your body to light an LED.

This simple circuit lends itself to numerous projects that take advantage of using conductive materials as a switch.

The components can also be removed to use as a touch based control unit for remote lights.


The NiteLight circuit further explores how to use a transistor in a logic gate to create a circuit that turns the LED on when it gets dark.


This multivibrator circuit makes two LEDs blink back and forth.  Customize the blink rate by using different size capacitors and learn about the capacitor discharge circuit