Simple Logic with a Transistor


Simple Logic with a Transistor

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Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Duration: 1-2 hours

Create LED projects that turn on automatically when it gets dark. This project includes a pre-soldered Nitelight board.

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The NiteLight circuit further explores how to use a transistor in a logic gate to create a circuit that turns the LED on when it gets dark. This useful circuit can be embedded into any application where you need a light sensitive circuit (wearables, night lights, jack-o-lanterns...).  

Students can even swap out the NPN transistor with a PNP transistor (not provided) to reverse the circuit and build a circuit that turns ON when in presence of light (i.e. cabinet light or refrigerator alarm).

What does the circuit look like? 


How does Nitelight work? 

The LED will light up when it is dark. Test the circuit by covering the phototransistor with your fingers. 


How to use Nitelight? 

Remove the components to build your own unique projects. 


Project Ideas: 

Nitelight is also available as a soldering kit