Simple Logic: Switches

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Switches cover picture-06.png
Switch Materials.png
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Simple Logic: Switches


Skill level: Beginner

Duration: 1-2 hours

Explore how switches enable simple logic.

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Switches come in many different shapes and forms and can be found in every device with electricity. Get creativity by using brass brads, paper clips, copper wire to create switches on your board. Experiment closing circuits with pressure sensitive switches. Learn how to control outputs (LEDs) with different types of inputs (switches) while exploring series and parallel circuits. 

What's included:


Project Ideas: 

When the switches are in parallel, we observe that the light turns on when Switch 1 OR Switch 2 or both switches are on. This is called an OR circuit. AND and OR are building blocks for many programming ideas and important circuits to learn.

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Download the teacher guide for switches here